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InfoVoice is a high-performance voice based value added service that can reach all telephone subscribers—landline or mobile phone—nationwide. Specifically, InfoVoice will also reach people who cannot or prefer not to read written information and therefore cannot benefit from text (SMS) based services. There is no limit to the possible nature of voice content that can be distributed—from local news to weather reports, farming advice on to flirting tips and much more.

Your Needs
> Broadcast messages to a subscriber base in an easy way
> High versatility
> Low costs

Our Solution
> Transmit voice content to phones for the ultimate in ease of use for customers
> Reach a large subscriber audience within short time

Your Benefits
> Ability to address subscribers personally with the latest information in customers’ ears
> Low end-user barriers
> Low setup and operating costs
> Reliable revenues


  • High message throughput, with content customized to subscribers’ native language
  • Voice content is distributed to telephone subscribers on a subscription basis
  • Recognises call answering equipment: Transmission only starts when a human answers
  • Connections to all local carriers
  • In-depth statistical analysis: CDRs, calling attempts, successful calls, mean call duration (for how long callees listen to the content, etc.)

Ease of use
For end-users, InfoVoice is ease of use itself. Being fully voice based, it lets customers subscribe to voice content services and cancel subscriptions directly by talking to the service on their mobile phones.

Administration is simple as well. Suppliers can upload their voice files themselves via a Web front-end and can also use this interface to manage their voice content channel service. Owing to its unsurpassed ease of use, InfoVoice benefits from low end-user barriers. It is a snap for service providers to set up and operate and offers them great opportunities for generating reliable revenues.

InfoVoice brings all kinds of voice content directly to your customers’ ears.

Entertainment News
Get the top news with short news items in the subcriber’s favourite language:
> Sport news
> Celebrity gossip
> Music chart news
> Movie news, and more

Other functions
Interactive Quizzes and Games. Inspire your end-user!