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Loud Mouth


Reach a broad audience with direct voice marketing and messaging. Loud Mouth is a high-performance voice based value added service that can reach all telephone subscribers-landline or mobile phone—nationwide. It acts as a versatile service platform for all organisations wishing to deliver spoken advertising messages or announcements to the public. Specifically, Loud Mouth will also reach people who cannot or prefer not to read written messages and therefore cannot be reached by text based advertising. There is no limit to the possible nature of the messages that can be distributed—from product marketing to political campaign advertising on to public announcements, weather warnings, and more.

Your Needs
> Achieve highest advertising impact levels
> Reach a broad audience with direct voice marketing in a short time
> Include non-readers in target groups

Our Solution
> The CreaVoice Loud Mouth voice message platform
> Transmit voice messages to mobile phone users for the ultimate advertising impact

Your Benefits
> High advertising impact through personal address
> Ability to use celebrity voices and music elements
> Highest impression rates for marketing campaigns


  • High throughput
  • Bulk messages are distributed to target groups via landline or mobile telephones
  • Recognises call answering equipment: Transmission only starts when a human answers the phone
  • Connections to all local carriers
  • In-depth statistical analysis: CDRs, calling attempts, successful calls, mean call duration (for how long callees listen to the message, etc.)

High emotional impact
Loud Mouth is ideal for distributing messages to mobile phone or landline users individually with a personal touch creating high emotional impact. Instead of relying on incidental impressions made by radio, TV or print advertising, messages, campaign statements, or public announcements can be brought to telephone subscribers directly making sure that they will reach their addressees.

Easy administration
Administration of Loud Mouth is easy. Suppliers can upload their voice files and target group data themselves via Web front end and can also use this interface to manage their message service.