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Virtual helpdesk


Mobile phone service providers can improve customer loyalty and at the same time create steady, dependable, revenues with added value services. Provided that these services appeal to a broad enough range of their subscribers: Virtual Helpdesk is such a service. In simple terms, it is a platform that connects subscribers seeking advice in any particular field with experts proficient in that field. There is no limit for the subjects that this service can cover, from legal advice to health, nutrition, child care, and human relations, on to fortune telling, and much more.

 Your Needs
Generate steady revenue with the help of a broadly accepted service

Our Solution
The CreaVoice Remote Help expert advice service

 Your Benefits
> Improved customer loyalty
> Dependable, steady, additional revenue
> Crowd sources virtual platform


  • Expert advice service for mobile phone service providers to offer to their customers
  • Fully voice based, with advanced communication capabilities
  • Works with any telephone
  • Unsurpassed user friendliness, lowest usage barrier
  • Broadest target group including illiterate users
    Dependable, steady revenue generator

Crowd Sourcing
Another way of using this IVR based service is crowd sourcing where multiple organisations use the centralized service to improve their individual service quality.
The Virtual Helpdesk service is easy to implement. No need for service providers to build specialized internal skills for each and every kind of advice offered: The service relies completely on external resources of expertise. If individuals or organisations are granted their part of the fees collected for the services rendered, they are easy to find and recruit.

Voice Based Services
The Virtual Helpdesk service is fully voice based, offering unsurpassed ease of use along with a low acceptance barrier. Users can register for the expert portal via voice interaction and are then charged per minute of expert consultation. Specifically, The Virtual Helpdesk can also reach people who cannot or prefer not to read written material. Remote Help subscribers can request an expert or consultant familiar to them or can select a specialist from a given category. If the requested remote expert is not available the call is routed to a free expert within the skill category or the user can leave a request for a call-back by his favorite expert.

 Easy to manage

  • Superior in usability and versatility, Virtual Helpdesk is able to reach a large target group ensuring dependable, steady revenues for the mobile phone service provider. Managing the service is easy and cost-effective with the help of Web based user interface.
  • In addition, the Virtual Helpdesk service platform offers advanced communication capabilities, further improving customer loyalty and reducing churn. Customers can appraise the advice they receive by rating experts and their contributions, for instance.
  • Virtual Helpdesk is based on CreaLog’s innovative Media Platform 6 that successfully serves thousands of voice service users worldwide today. Its broad range of capabilities include caller communications, call routing, speech recognition and synthesis, speaker verification, and voice logging as well as sophisticated call analysis functionality.