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About Us

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D-MARK Company Limited is a Digital mobile Technology company enabling businesses and organisations to connect to customers, partners, suppliers as well as communities in a fast, secure, reliable manner.

Our Mission

Our Mission as Dmark Mobile is too enrich customers through delivery of quality, innovative, simple solutions that will create customer enthusiasm at competitive prices.

Our vision

To be the fastest growing VAS provider in the region; providing high quality, intelligent, simple solutions with the aim of becoming a leading brand name in the industry. Our success is realized by strategic partnerships, innovation, investment in cutting edge technologies, talented team and market research.

Customer focus

We endeavor to be responsive to their needs, reach out to them to inform them of our services and ensure that our products are high, superior and innovative to earn their loyalty and respect.

Our strategy

To steadily source for; young spirited team who are creative and ambitious to produce stimulating content, a responsive customer service, competitive marketing roadmaps and effective technology to support our growth.