How Artistes Are Making Money

Many Ugandans always ask themselves why artistes like Juliana, Jamal, Diana Nalubega (to mention a few) rarely hold concerts yet they never seem to be broke!
There’s a GOLD MINE that many Ugandans don’t know about and many artistes also don’t know its potential – “CALLERTUNES”.

Perhaps i should first define, what a CALLERTUNE is.
CRBT or Caller Ring back Tone is a service which allows mobile subscribers to replace the standard ring back sounds (duuu duuu) heard by callers with a song of their choice.

Let me give you an example of David Lutalo in the recently concluded MTN Awards. He won in December with his song Manya accumulating 8,575 new downloads. This is minus the renewals.

Let’s do some math here. Each download costs 550ugx. So, if we multiply 8,575 x 550 = 4,716,250ugx.
It means in December alone, the song MANYA made 4.7Million for David Lutalo. And remember, we are talking about only one song. But if you add up all songs ie: Akantu, Kapapala, Ujuwe etc, the totals will add up to millions.

But again, there are multiple TAXES, eg; VAT(18%), EXCISE Tax(20%), DEEMED Costs(20%) etc. So out of 4.7M, an artiste will end up with like 400,000ugx. But again, if an artiste is having like 4 Callertunes that are performing well, in a month he/she can walk away with an approximate 3-4M only from MTN. Add on AIRTEL and that money will shoot up to like 8-10M.

According to UCC’s report as of 30th June 2015, we have 21,910,948 Mobile Phones in the country. When you look at the numbers of David Lutalo, you clearly see that there’s a huge untapped market and it all falls back to players in the Music Industry. The market is readily available but the question is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HAVE YOUR SHARE of the Cake..!

Here at DMARK, this is the business we deal in. Are you an Artiste, Manager, Producer or Promoter… reach out to us and we shall walk the journey with you to the top.