How To Choose the right Producer

During my time in the industry, I have witnessed many artistes who always go with the flock. Just because a producer has made a HIT, every artiste will go running in hope of also attaining a hit from the same producer. This is the biggest ‘CANCER’ in the Ugandan Music Industry.

But it’s always good to ask yourself a HUGE question… Yes, he is the hitting producer right now, but is he the RIGHT one for me?

This is the most important decision you will make when it’s time to record your music. The producer is responsible for how your final song will sound, so you need to be on the same page.

It is extremely important to choose a producer who will let you create your own sound, not theirs. So it is very vital to be confident about what you want and be clear that it is very much your music.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right producer for your music:

Know Who You Are as a Musician

Musicians who don’t know their “SOUND” end up creating music that takes on their producer’s sound. It’s not your producer’s song, it’s yours! You MUST be confident in your music and your style. Always bring what you have to the table and make sure your music stands strong on its own so that your producer knows exactly what he/she is working with.

Know what you want

A producer cannot to make your music sound good if you have no clear ideas. It’s great to explore other sounds for your music but always be clear what you want your final result to sound like.

Before you step your foot into the Recording Studio, know what you want out of each song and make sure you’re working with someone who can understand that. Sometimes you might not know what you want from a song. That’s totally okay, but make sure you’re working with someone who can help you figure it out- not someone who does what they want.

It’s not their song. It’s yours and ultimately you’re going to be the one to take credit for the final outcome.

Choose a Producer you get along well with.

Communication is a huge necessity the recording process. It means you should…actually you ‘NEED’ to find a producer that you feel comfortable with so communication does not become an issue. It’s quite tempting to choose a producer who is slightly better and a hit-maker in that particular time, but if you are uncomfortable around them, then you’ll end up with a song you are really unhappy with.

Do your Homework.

Listen to music that you admire and then find out who produced it. When you contact an artist about a producer, you should also get to know how they got along during the recording process… was the Producer a BULLY and ordered the artiste to do he wants as a producer or was he a good listener and an advisor?

Also bear in mind that the producer should be in line of your music genre.

Building a relationship with a producer who does KIDANDALI is a total waste of time if you are looking to record RnB.

Getting along is extremely important, but make sure you never lose focus. You are not spending time with a friend, you are working together and will need to make an end product. You may end up looking back on your experience as a positive one, but the music is always the most important factor.

Let me hope these tips will help you ease the process of identifying the right producer for your next project.