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Mzee Musiime, a member of a diary SACCO in western Uganda received a phone call that is son who was studying at Makerere University-Kampala was ill and admitted in Naguru hospital. Anticipating that the medical costs in Kampala would be very high, mzee sold one of his fleshy cows to raise money for his son’s treatment. He also took all the savings he was keeping under this bed and jumped on a Bus destined to Kampala. This was mzee’s first ever trip to Kampala. When the bus finally stopped at Nakivubo (down-town Kampala), he jumped off and asked for directions from some idle young men who any kampala resident could tell were “bayaye” (street thugs). They sent him to a narrow corridor where my ambushed him and took his backpack that had all the money. He was only left with old patched up phone that held together by rubber bands. Mzee was in an emergency situation, by God’s grace, a Good Samaritan gave him a lift to Naguru Hospital and eventually got to see his son but was immediately slapped with a bill of UGX 170,000 for his son’s medications.
What options did Mzee Musiime have?

What is AXESS?

AXESS is a microcredit platform designed for the disbursement of quick short term loans via mobile money. An AXESS loan is designed to help you mitigate against a critical emergency in real-time.

The rationale for AXESS?

There is a challenge of availability of immediate and short-term credit financial services to help navigate emergency situation such as the one above. The formal credit sources require one to physically apply for a loan due to their longer formalities (Sign here, sign there etc.). Their typical set up does not augur well for emergencies leaving a gap that AXESS is built to bridge. Probably mzee would have to call his friends/relatives or even his SACCO committee members to borrow money but this might consume some time.

How does it work?

Simply dial *255# and follow the prompts to borrow a quick emergency loan. With AXESS mzee would have accessed UGX 170,0000 from his SACCO.

How do you join AXESS?

you must belong to any VSLA, SACCO, Ivestment club or formal Financial Insitation utilizing the AXESS platform.

Why should you use AXESS?

  • Convenient: No paperwork required to borrow once you have signed up for the service.
  • Reliable: AXESS is available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere within Uganda.
  • Cost Saving: eliminates the need to travel to your SACCO offices to borrow some little cash.

How does the financial group/institution benefit?

  • Mobile creates convenience that translates into more transactions and more transactions translate in more profits for the financial group.
  • Notably, with AXESS, Financial Institutions, Organizations and Associations can also collect loan repayments as well as make account top-ups with mobile money
  • Free Information management System. AXESS gives the SACCO managers real-time reports on transactions which increases transparency and simplifies management